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Do Blue Light Glasses Make You Feel Sick

Excess blue light creates Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and this creates inflammation, even during the day. It also diminishes the function of your mitochondria and then your body has less energy to do the things it needs to do. Exposure to blue light at night turns off your body's production of melatonin and this reduces the quality of sleep. And melatonin does. There is no logical reason why blue light filter glasses would make you feel dizzy if they are quality lenses and of the proper prescription , if they ARE prescription glasses.

If they are $12.95 blue light blocking glasses you bought online then the lenses are probably a terrible quality and have waves or distortions in them that are affecting you. What these glasses aim to help Motion sickness is caused by a mismatch in the cues coming from your eyes, your vestibular (balance) system, and the movement sensors in your brain. When your body’s...


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